Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Virtual Potlock

Hi Everyone! In honor of my FAVORITE holiday - Thanksgiving - I am having a virtual potluck. If you are making a fun dish that you think the blogosphere needs to be aware of (or just feel like participating) than this is for you!!! I know this is short notice, but I kind of just thought of it. I know there are a bunch of readers of this blog that will be making interesting and delicious Thanksgiving recipes. I know that Randi is hosting Thanksgiving this year and I will be preparing at least two dishes.

So, the details - If you have a blog and want more traffic - send a picture of your dish and the link to kitchensuccess at gmail dot com. If you do NOT have a blog (or did not blog on the dish you made) and still want to participate (which you should!!!) just send a picture and a sentence or two about what you made to the same address. Send your entries by December 7th to be included!


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