Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you haven't yet checked out Georgia's new garden blog, you may not have seen pictures of her beautiful home garden. And she hasn't yet posted any pics of her garden plot at our community garden.

However, while she's away this week I thought I'd take some pictures of her veggie growth for her!

What you may not know is that I also have a garden plot at a community garden and growing vegetables has become the most fulfilling and awesome thing I have ever done. I normally visit the garden every other day and there's something new growing every time. I'm also posting some pics from my garden (as I have way more of those than of hers).

What are you most excited about growing this year and are you obsessively taking pictures like I am??

Forgive these pictures, they were all taken with my cell.

From Georgia's community garden plot:



baby squash


My garden:
my whole plot

tiny baby cucumbers

just today, bigger cucumbers!

my first ripe sungold tomato

tiny peppers


mobile said...

Those sungold tomatoes are my favourite, but i can`t find anywhere to buy, only when i`m going to my grandma.

Georgia said...

Thanks for posting pictures :) I keep saying I will bring my camera, and have not yet...The garden is growing like gangbusters! Yours too. Brown thumb I think not!

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