Monday, April 20, 2009

Everything Tastes Better Grilled

A few years ago, Bobby Flay grilled pizza on an episode of Boy Meets Grill. It looked absolutely delicious and I knew that it was something that I had to make. After all, what doesn't taste better grilled? My first attempt at this pizza challenge came shortly after, when I was living at home with my parents. It was pretty good, but I recall having some troubles with the dough...either way, when Andrew and I were headed out to the local farmer's market on Saturday morning, I suggested that we get some ingredients to grill pizza. As usual he was game and we stocked up on some goodies. We both got chorizo sausage (there is a place at the market that makes seriously the best chorizo I have ever eaten) and I got a portabello, ricotta and basil. Andrew got some yellow peppers, sheep's milk feta and a red onion.

A word of advice, have all the ingredients prepped before you start. I forgot how quickly the dough cooked and snapped a little teensy bit in my frenzy.

Andrew!?! Stop snacking and help me with the pizza!!!!

I later realized I could just turn off the grill and get stuff ready....turn off grill??? Novel idea!

Because I was lazy, we got some pre-made pizza dough at Wegman's which worked fine. If you oil the dough before you put it on the grill, it doesn't stick at all.

This is a really fun meal to make and pretty impressive if I do say so.

I didn't write the entire recipe from the episode, just listed the ingredients we had on hand. You can find Bobby's method here.

Grilled Pizza
Pre-made pizza dough
Pizza sauce
Feta cheese
Ricotta cheese
Yellow peppers, sliced
Portabello mushroom, sliced
Red onion, sliced
Chorizo sausage, grilled and sliced

Keep an eye on your dough to make sure it doesn't get too singed...I had a small accident, but it still tasted great!


Pops said...

You used to make stuff like that for us now and then, but no more I guess? We have a very nice grill...

Randi said...

I'm jealous. I come over, we try this again.

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