Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm Sorry, So Sorry...

Hi Guys!

Sorry it has been ages and ages since I wrote one of these blog thingies :) It has been very busy in this part of PA, so you'll have to forgive me! I just got back from a three week European vacation and between actually being on vacation and being excited about vacation, writing blog posts got a back seat.

So, although, there are some very exciting posts lined up, today I will recount with you the culinary joys of my travels. We made our way through Athens, Santorini, Munich and Istanbul, and let me tell you it is a miracle that I did not gain about 20 pounds. Greece was by far my favorite place that we went and the food did not let us down. Every meal was amazing! Breakfast became a much loved tradition with Greek Yoghurt (get some, its awesome) & honey, eggs, fresh squeezed juice and espresso.

Lunch and dinner were equally as amazing. Every day for both meals we drank wine (house wine by the liter), shared appetizers and generally stuffed ourselves on soulvaki, moussaka, seafood and whatever else seemed good.

Athens was equally as good if not more varied. Being in a city so steeped in ancient history is amazing. Being able to look up from your lunch and see the PARTHENON was quite the experience. From Athens we moved on to Munich. This was an interesting transition - going from 75 degree sunny weather to um...SNOW! Don't worry though, the food didn't let us down. We drank liter after liter of delicious German beer while we ate our way through sausage, spatzle and sauerkraut. Food was heavy, but as it was so cold, didn't bother us a bit.

And lastly - on to Istanbul. What a place! We did all the touristy stuff of course, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Turkish Baths, Bosporus Sea...and much more. Turkish food is similar in many ways to Greek, but different also. Man, do they love their pastries! Meat pastries, cheese pastries, sweet pastries, they have them all. We drank fresh squeezed pomegranate juice several times which became my favorite thing in the world.

The food was awesome. Mussels and rice, funny Turkish ravioli, stuffed grape leaves. We even ate a dessert pudding made of chicken one night. That was interesting (and totally delicious). However, one of the best meals we had was our welcome breakfast by our hostess, Seray. She cooked us quite the feast and introduced us to the culture of Turkey (where they drink tea by the gallon and eat cucumbers and tomatoes with every meal). Thanks Seray!

Anyway, to wrap up this rambling...hunger inspiring post, it was a great trip and I can't wait to see more of the world. If you want to check out my favorite pics from the trip go to:

Also - Check out Selah's post dedicated to our trip here: Killing Time in the Desert


Randi said...

We ARE back!! I can't stop thinking about that grilled octopus - maybe one of my favorite things eaten on the trip. Also, we clearly have to bring our sourkraut skills up to par to match the genius of Munich. Missed you all, can't wait to do more cooking and blogging.

Maybe I'll re-make the pumpkin muffins I made last week and this time remember to take pictures :)

Peter M said...

Welcome back girls! It sounds like you had a great time and we shared similar vacations as I too visited Istanbul.

Get some rest, get cookin'!

E said...

What a fun trip! The food looked amazing, especially that grilled octopus. Yummy. Glad you're back though, on with the blogging! By the way, you and Randi shouldn't miss the next food blogger potluck, it was so fun meeting all of these people whose pictures I drool over.

Selah said...

Mmm...i just read this for the third time to drool over food and think of fun things...mmmmmmmm.

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