Friday, August 10, 2007

When You Just Can't Eat Anything

Hello, hello, lovely bloggers/readers. I'm sure you've all been wondering: where the hell did that silly vegan go?
My apologies for being so remiss with posts over the past few months. I've been dealing with an unusable kitchen, a bevy of food allergies (apparently you hit 25 and these things just appear), and impending homelessness. Next week I've got an appointment with an allergist to help me figure out how to eat food and keep breathing, and as of September 1, I'll be in a new, spiffy apartment (hopefully spiffy) with a usable kitchen.

With that, on to some recipes/shout outs, other fun things.

Normally I'm against pre-prepped foods or mixes in all of their nasty forms. However, when you can't eat wheat, peanuts, dairy, and a slew of other things, sometimes you need a little back up (and a little comfort). The following products have been helpful, convenient, and tasty sources of quick comfort food:

Road's End Organic Mac N Chreese (Gluten Free)

So it's not Kraft (ewwww), but Road's End is a great option for vegans, those watching their weight, and anyone with gluten issues. The gluten free alfredo is a personal favorite of mine (it's also soy free). Took it to a recent bbq and with some fresh tomatoes mixed in, was not an entirely disappointing substitute for regular macaroni salad.

Cherrybrook Kitchen (Gluten Free)

I love love love the good folks at Cherrybrook Kitchen. It's hard enough being an adult with food allergies--I can't imagine being a little kid who couldn't indulge in birthday cake with their friends. All of Cherrybrook's regular products are certified vegan and peanut free (and trust me, dessert lovers everywhere, vegan or not will love them), and now Cherrybrook offers Gluten-free mixes as well. Made a chocolate cake with the mix for the same bbq and it went over quite well. Also used a touch more water plus a few good tablespoons of chai spice mix to create a good treat for breakfast.

Rice Noodles (of any kind)

These handy babies will run you about a dollar a pound at any Asian or ethnic grocery store. I love the flat wide rice noodles for stir fry. Toss your veggies in a wok with some oil, prep the noodles, add a bit of Sriracha and you're good to go.

And fear not my friends, should you too, be suddenly struck by dumb luck and food allergies (this is what I get for being a heathen), there are tons of great resources out there to help you "adapt" to your crap-tastic new life style. A few books I've liked so far:

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen is an awesome awesome book. There's not a vegan or allergy related web forum I've come across yet that doesn't praise this fine piece of work. Just about every recipe is either soy or wheat free too. As for the first selection up there, books for kids are great--the recipes are usually easier and much more "everyday" than books geared towards adults. Gourmet food is all well and good, but sometimes I just want pancakes dude.

Finally, I know I promised a recipe for cupcakes sometime soon...well, no worries, it's on its way. I'm due to compete in a bake off this fall and am going to be submitting an entry in the "allergies" category (ha). The winning recipe will get some face time here on this lovely blog.

In the meantime,

love, peace, veggie grease,


Randi said...

nice post alli. boyfriend and i are going vegitarian i think :) one comment though, its really hard to read the red text :(

Georgia said...

One of the links I have up - Ooohhh Cake is written by a girl who has gluten allergies - she has some really yummy looking things up there. Man, that blows, food allergies, LAME!!!

AlliXT said...

I know--boo to red text, I forgot while I was writing that it shows up in the draft on a white background :(. Sorry for killing people's eyes, haha.

Dave Price said...

Nice to see you back in print, although frankly, I thought you were binging on cheeseburgers. No really, I'm always telling people about your great recipes.

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