Friday, May 18, 2007

Heart Attack on a Plate

Now that it is summer, I find that I am less likely to feel like making comfort food (read bread, Italian, etc.), which would normally serve as staples on this blog. The grill is my best friend for the next few months (aka Ode to Barbecue written earlier) and if I am not inspired to make anything more exciting, the usual solution is "well, we can always grill something." I went to Costco and bought a 16 pack of Boca Burgers and a 12 pack of super tasty chicken-mozzarella-tomato-basil sausages. Between these two items (which are conveniently healthy) I am always in possession of a quick meal. However, as you probably know, it is very easy to put in a small amount of effort and turn a basic meal into a very yummy one.

A trip to the grocery store with John and my sister (Sarah, who is visiting for a few days) found us standing in front of the "rib" section for oh, about 20 minutes, deciding if we wanted ribs for dinner, and if we did, did we want pre-cooked (eh), pork (mmm...) or beef?? Well, ultimately, we decided that it wasn't worth it for a quick post-climbing meal. I suggested that we make some spruced up burgers - so that is what we did. And here is what we made (sorry, no pics really, I didn't have my camera with me):

Barbecue Bacon Burgers
Serves 4

4 hamburger patties (obviously, you can make your own and use whatever quality you want - next time I think I will opt for buffalo meat burgers - also turkey would be good)
4 buns
4 oz sharp cheddar (I suggest Cabot Seriously Sharp)
8 pieces of bacon
Barbecue Sauce

If you have any suggestions how to make these even better, let me know, but I find that these few ingredients mesh quite well!

Cooking Directions:

I'm not sure I will bother with a step by step process, its pretty straight forward, but oh well.

1) Grill burgers and bacon at the same time (this is good to do with a few people, that way, one person can be in charge of the bacon, and one in charge of the grill).
2) Cut the cheese into thin slices, so that you have approximately 3 slices / burger. When the burgers are almost done, put cheese on them to melt.
3) Put burgers on bun (toasted if you like). Pat grease off of the bacon and pile on burgers. Squeeze on some bbq sauce.
4) Enjoy!!

I think that the two key points to make these super delicious is a) use some good quality sharp cheddar - I am partial to Cabot, because it is great, and I love Vermont...

b) use good quality bbq sauce. If going to the super market, I really like the Original "Sweet Baby Ray's," however, when at home, I use "Jeff's Cuisine BBQ Sauce." Chef Jeff has a little restaurant in South Norwalk, CT which is AMAZING!! And, his bbq sauce is just as good - apparently you can order it online, good to know :)

Seriously, if you are ever in CT, you must check it out (54 North Main Street, Norwalk, CT), its cheap and friendly and delicious!

In keeping with the barbecue/CT theme, my second recommendation of the day will be to eat at Bobby-Q's Restaurant. Located in Westport, CT, this place has some of the best ribs I have ever eaten, PERIOD. I have eaten ribs all over the country (including Texas, Memphis, etc) and their dry-rub St. Louis style ribs come in #1. So, if in CT and need dinner (a rack of ribs plus side for $18 is definitely enough for two, maybe three people), visit Bobby-Q's, you won't regret it. Maybe I will drag my friends to CT sometime soon for some eating...

Well, now that I am drooling, I hope you will try these burgers out - like I said, if you have your own take on this, I am always looking for suggestions. And, if in Connecticut, have some good Yankee barbecue and save some for me please.


Randi said...

dude, i'm down for bobby q's just say the word.

also, what's up with us not eating wings yet.. i'm waiting....

Selah said...

CONNECTICUT BARBACUE????!!!!???? Now I've heard everything. All I want to know is, at that restaraunt, do you order the meat by the pound?

Also, when you mentioned Burgers Bacon and Sharp Chedder, the first thing I thought was "and Avacado!!". It even fits the "heartatack on a plate" theme. Of course I dont know how that would go with the BBQ sauce...

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