Monday, April 23, 2007

An Ode to Barbecue

This weekend was gorgeous...downright amazing! It started on Saturday with a trip to the good old Alma mater, F&M, for Spring Arts Weekend. It was a lot of fun, not nearly as crazy as when we were students (picture the entire campus out for drunken debauchery), but still a good time nevertheless. We then travelled to Intercourse for some reminiscing among the Horse and Buggies. After we got back, we played mini-golf and ate a yummy meal of Artichoke/Smoked Moz Ravioli, leftover eggplant parm and red sauce with meatballs and lamb sausage. YUMMMMMMM!!!

Yesterday was filled with gardening at Carolyn & John's house (my muscles hurt today after many hours of wrestling with stumps, ivy and shrubs). But...coming to the title of this blog....John brought over his parent's grill and we had the first REAL barbecue of the season. We ate some veggie burgers for lunch (all we had), but went and got some dogs and burgers for dinner. With some red potatoes, carrots and baked beans (the last item was not grilled), we made quite the meal of it. I didn't have my camera with me, but it looked something like this:

Man, I love barbecue. There is just something about cooking a meal outside on the grill that makes whatever you are eating better. And its so can pretty much put anything on there. Every time I think that maybe I should become a vegetarian I immediately shout at myself (usually internally)..."WHAT ABOUT BBQ????" - Sorry Al, but whether its hot dogs or actual southern ribs, I can't give it up., a veggie burger can satisfy my appetite for those, but not hot dogs. Maybe I've just had poor quality veggie dogs, but those things are no match for a real all beef wiener.

There was an interesting conversation last night, which was interesting, because it is often something I struggle with. When faced with this dilemma, what do you do (feel free to comment)?

You are at a barbecue. You get a hot dog and a hamburger. Which do you eat first? Or do you eat half of one and then half of the other?

My Internal Debate:
I love hot dogs, LOVE them. But a burger is definitely good too. So, do I 1)Eat the hot dog first, because it is sitting there mocking from my plate - "eat me, eat me...I am so delicious" or 2) Eat the burger first, so I can save my hot dog for last.

Ultimately, I eat the hot dog first, because there are some things that just can't wait. Including a freshly grilled hot dog with some ketchup, mustard and relish.

On a side note, as I searched for a perfect pic of a grilled hot dog (and after 40 pages of Google images, there were none, so I picked the above) I think I was drooling...

Anyway, there are many more BBQs to come this summer, we're just getting started. Maybe next time I will take some real pics. And to end with my "Ode" - which is actually a limerick:

Oh, barbecue, I love you,
A delicious, wonderful food.
Burgers and hot dogs,
Even some grilled frogs,
If I didn't eat you, I'd be in a foul mood.

Close enough, eh?


Liz said...

Fun idea, Georgia!

So, bbq... I live in the South, and I fly quite a bit, and my instructors and I choose where to fly usually based on what city/airport has good food. We go for the barbeque a lot. (If you're ever in Tuscaloosa, AL, try Dreamland BBQ - it's to die for.)

Even when I'm in my own city, I find that BBQ in the south is different from northern BBQ. Down here I've had pulled pork, elk, venison and beef, as well as the standard burgers and dogs. If I figure out how they make it, I'll put up a recipe, because it's good.

Georgia said...

My dad wanted to know why I always put goofy looking pics of me online..because I'm awesome, thats why dad!

Carolyn said...

love the flame broiled burger pic - it did indeed look something like that:)

Selah said...

I have a question, i think you should post it on your blog. Can you think of three foods where any two of them is a delicious combination, but thee three of them together is a bad combination??

Also, I am from goddamn TX and I love BBQ too! Now some people confuse BBQ with grilling - don't be one of them. BBQ takes at least 6 hours, let that be your guide.

I went to one of the places mentioned in the article was so good that it didn't have barbacue sauce because "they don't have anything to hide"

Also also, I am commenting on your comment on my blog, so if you're interested come and see.

Georgia said...

Don't worry Selah, I understand the difference between BBQ and Grilling...I am a giant fan of both. I think it is just easier to lump grilling into BBQ. In my travels, I have gotten to taste many fine examples of REAL BBQ. If you are ever in CT, there is an awesome place (I know, CT not really a BBQ state) called Bobby-Qs, it def rivals everything I've eaten in Texas/Memphis/Other places.

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