Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pie, Pie, I Love Pie - And Tarts, Quiches, Etc.

I was quite pleased to see that Randi was on top of blogging these last few weeks. As she mentioned in one of her posts I was a little bit pre-occupied. I got married September 19th - left for Paris and Greece for two weeks - and have been generally a bad blogger lately. Pre-wedding planning and stress takes up a lot of time and although I wasn't blogging, I was cooking! Now that the wedding is over (and it was great!) I can dedicate more time to posting about the delicious things we make and consume.

In Front of the Parthenon
A small aside: We ate our way through Paris, Athens and Santorini. I lived my foodie dream a lunch consisting of cheese and baguette at a cafe overlooking the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. I highly suggest all three of these locations for travel!

Grilled Kalamari in Fira, Santorini
I digress...We FINALLY got to go back to our regular routine of Saturday morning farmer's market shopping yesterday. I was inspired by Randi's previous post on Swiss Chard and Leek Tart (and did remember the awesome chard we had at our wedding) so wanted to make something similar. Unfortunately, there was no Swiss Chard to be found...but we did pick up some great sausage, cheese, and other goodies!

Knowing we would have to head back out to the store, I looked at Randi's recipe to see if it was a) something I definitely wanted to make and b) included any ingredients we had on hand. Ultimately, we decided to look for a recipe that was more quiche-y. I stumbled across a recipe from Jenn at The Left Over Queen that looked great. A quiche with swiss chard, cheddar and APPLES! Which was great, because apples are tasty, and we have more than we know what to do with right now!

Jenn raved about the recipe (even though she is not an apple lover) - and that was good enough for me. The following is a direct quote from me during quiche consumption:

"Oh My God, Jenn is a GENIUS!!!"

This quiche is absolutely 100% super duper tasty! It sounds a little strange at first, but the flavors are spot on. I might use a little more cheddar next time (or throw some on top) but it was sheer perfection. I had to stop myself from eating the entire dish! Andrew and I made this together as our first "hey, we're married!" meal and it was a lot of fun. Not too time consuming either.

(The only major difference was that I made a whole wheat crust - yum)

Andrew Cutting the Red Chard

Demonstrating Our New Bad-Ass Shun Utility Knife!

Doesn't It Look Good???

The link to this recipe is here.

Yeah, yeah, I'm lazy - oh well. Jenn's blog is awesome anyways and you should check it out!

Swiss Chard on Foodista


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

WOW!!!! I am so excited that you made this and loved it! Isn't it so good?! I so want to make it again now, LOL! I feel very honored not only that you made this and blogged about it, but because it was the first meal you made as married people. So honored. It is great to have you back, Georgia! :)

Andrew J Kirkpatrick said...

This was outstanding! I really enjoyed the apples with the chard and the eggs! And a shout out to Shun knives! If you are in the market for new knives, I definitely recommend Shun, that utility knife is like Zeus' lightning bolt, cuts through anything!

Peter M said...

Welcome back from Greece and congrats!

A tart for two, made by two...I can see many cooking duets coming up.

Bellini Valli said...

Congratulations!!!!!I love Athesn I love Santorini but it has been years since I was in Paris...I had better remedy that don't you think. This tart also sounds amazing so I will need to remedy thatas well.

Melissa Peterman said...

More reasons to use Swiss chard! Thanks for the tip!

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